The Surveillance State has an Achilles Heel

How can average people like you and I confront a massive surveillance-state with the power to spy on virtually everybody in the world?

With cameras peering down at nearly every street corner, and the NSA vacuuming up and storing away staggering amounts of data, it can seem very daunting. And it continues to grow. Primarily funded, nurtured and operated from the federal level, mass surveillance trickles down to your community at a staggering pace.

But the American surveillance-state has an Achilles Heel.

It needs help and resources.

These spy-programs cannot continue to expand without participation and assistance from the state and local level.

We can turn it off.

By passing legislation - state by state – we can thwart mass surveillance without relying on Congress or Supreme Court.

Legislatively, OffNow focuses on four main areas

  1. Banning material support. This includes stopping the flow of state supplied resources like water and electricity to federal agencies conducting mass, warrantless surveillance. See video below.
  2. Prohibiting warrantless data sharing.  In the Bush-era, the federal government enacted numerous laws largely turning state and local law enforcement agents into warrantless data transmitters for the national surveillance state, primarily via SOD and Fusion Centers. OffNow works to pass laws via ballot measures and regular legislation to prohibit such activities.
  3. Ending warrantless location tracking.  Through the use of "Stingrays" and other similar tools, federal and local agencies illegally collect location information from your cellphone. Once collected, these agencies share this information back and forth. Police at the local level also use license-plate readers as tracking devices.  OffNow supports legislation to restrict and eventually eliminate these practices.
  4. Stopping warrantless drone spying. Drones can serve as valuable tools, but in the hands of law enforcement, they can quickly become a tool of abuse. OffNow works to support legislation restricting or eliminating the use of drones by state and local entities.


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