The following is a suite of legislation ready for introduction in your state. Whether you're a legislator, grassroots organizer, or anyone in between - please don't hesitate to contact us to work on a best strategy (including text modifications or which bill to start with).

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1. 4th Amendment Protection Act. Our signature model legislation, the 4th Amendment Protection Act, would ban a state from taking actions which provide "material support or resources" to warrantless federal spying programs. This includes provisioning of resources, and banning the state from using data obtained without warrant in state court.

States should pass this legislation whether they have a physical NSA facility or not. Banning the warrantless data in court will have an immediate effect. And, since the NSA rarely publicizes its plans in advance, it's essential to ensure that their ability to expand with more data center facilities around the country is restricted before they get off the ground.

LEGISLATORS: This bill can be modified for strategic considerations for your state. If you're a legislator interested in this bill, please contact us for more information.

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2. Electronic Data Privacy Act.  For those states where legislators are not yet willing or able to get the full 4th Amendment Protection Act passed, the Electronic Data Privacy Act is a powerful first step.  By banning the use of warrantless data in court, this state legislation can thwart some of the practical effects of federal spying programs.  

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3. Freedom from Drone Surveillance Act. Passing legislation to limit drone use at the state level not only provides immediate privacy protection to people within that state, it also puts a dent in a long-term program for seemingly endless surveillance on a federal level.


4.  Freedom From Location Surveillance Act.  A narrow, but important first step against the growing surveillance state, the Freedom From Location Surveillance Act bans state and local law enforcement from obtaining the location information of a person's electronic device without a warrant. The NSA is tracking the physical location of people through their cellphones. In late 2013, the Washington Post reported that NSA is “gathering nearly 5 billion records a day on the whereabouts of cellphones around the world.” This includes location data on “tens of millions” of Americans each year – without a warrant.


5.  CHOICE Act.  While government agencies primarily drive the surveillance state, in many cases, private corporations enable NSA spying as well. Corporations willingly providing the NSA with essential services enable the agency to carry out the largest privacy violations in the history of the world. While a state cannot stop a private entity from helping the federal government violate your rights, it can choose not to do business with such an organization. The C.H.O.I.C.E. Act (Creating Helpful Options for Institutions, Corporations, and Enterprise) does just that. The bill bars corporations enabling federal spying from winning state contracts. This legislation gives corporations a choice, either do business with spies, or do business with us.




LOCAL: 4TH AMENDMENT PROTECTION RESOLUTION Model resolution which should be passed both in your county and your city/town. It supports the 4th Amendment and calls on the state to pass the 4th Amendment Protection Act against NSA spying

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